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Enhanced Communication for NFP’s

As part of MHCC ACT’s professional development, I recently attended messaging and communication training:

· Strategic Communications and Messaging, delivered by For Purpose

· Easy English training, delivered by Access Easy English

For purpose had us exploring how NFP organisations can use framing for their messaging around our intrinsic values to prime, or prepare and direct, our audiences. Through the use of language, metaphors, emotion and storytelling we can create messaging that will really impact our audiences for the longer term. Understanding who our audiences are and keeping them front of mind when crafting all our messaging was a key point.

Easy English opened my ‘comms’ eyes to the world of fewer words and greater impact for a larger portion of the population. Ensuring written communications are inclusive to a larger range of literacy levels is so important to create equality of information, and therefore better life engagement and outcomes for all. The use of language, formatting and images can make a tremendous difference to those who struggle with literacy and help them find the support they need in a respectful way.

I strongly recommend both these courses for those working in the community sector.

The For Purpose course would benefit those wanting to create messaging around advocacy and causes.

Whereas the Easy English course is important for those who write for consumers and the public.

– Alison

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