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The voice for quality community-managed mental health services in the ACT.

Our aim is to foster the capacity of the sector to deliver quality, sustainable, recovery-oriented services to support people with mental health issues and their carers.

We advance this aim through our work in mental health policy and advocacy, workforce training, sector coordination, and initiatives to promote the critical role of community services in facilitating recovery and enhancing wellbeing.

We are a not-for-profit organisation funded by the ACT Government. We work closely with Carers ACT and the ACT Mental Health Consumer Network to ensure our work is informed by the needs of consumers and carers.

We are accredited at Certificate Level of the Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES). We are a Quality Innovation Performance accredited organisation. We are registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

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Our work

Our aim is to foster the capacity of community-managed mental health services to support people with lived experience to live a meaningful and dignified life.

We represent the views of the sector to influence systemic change, advise governments on policy development and program implementation, and advocate on behalf of the community-managed mental health sector in relation to funding and other matters. We also research and report on current priorities and directions in the sector.

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We support the community-managed mental health sector, including through:

  • providing training and workforce development events at heavily subsidised rates, especially for our members
  • engaging with the sector, based on two-way open communication that involves listening to our stakeholders, keeping them informed and being clear about how their contributions are being used.

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Mental Health Month is an annual event, celebrated in over 100 countries, to raise community awareness and understanding of mental health conditions, reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with mental health conditions, and promote positive mental health and wellbeing. 

The Mental Health Community Coalition ACT coordinates Mental Health Month in the ACT each October.

We are responsible for planning a diverse calendar of events that bring the community together in support of people living with mental health conditions and their carers. These events include a variety of workshops, concerts and outdoor activities as well as the Mental Health & Wellbeing Expo and the Mental Health Month Awards.

We also provide public resources both for those experiencing mental health concerns and their loved ones and workmates.

Visit the Mental Health Month ACT website to learn more and see how you can get involved this October.

You can also follow Mental Health Month ACT on Facebook and Instagram.

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Our sector helps keep people with mental health challenges out of our over-stretched hospital system and is a cost-effective approach to treatment and care.

The community-managed mental health sector

When people hear the term ‘mental healthcare’, they usually think about clinical services—psychologists and psychiatrists—or perhaps about acute hospital care.

However, another essential component is the community-managed mental health sector, which supports people with mental health conditions to live well in our community and meet everyday challenges when and where they need it most.

This sector provides services and programs to help prevent people from spiralling into mental health crisis, and picks them up after they have been in acute situations to help them along their recovery journey.

Being run by community-based NGOs, it can flexibly adapt to the needs of unique communities, families and individuals. These needs might range from crisis to ongoing recovery support, housing, employment and social connection.


We are governed by a Board of Directors, who implement the Strategic plan in line with the MHCC ACT Rules of Association.

Strategic plan 2022–24


We are the voice for quality, community-managed mental health services in the ACT.


Our purpose is to foster the capacity of ACT community-managed mental health services to support people to live a meaningful and dignified life.


To support providers to deliver quality, sustainable, responsive, recovery-orientated services, we will:

  • be guided by lived experience and preserving human rights with honesty, integrity and accountability
  • deliver on our commitment to equity and diversity.

To reshape the mental health landscape to help providers better meet the needs of consumers and carers, we will:

  • provide leadership to ensure community-based mental health care is prioritised
  • contribute to access to a range of services and supports that allow people to live meaningful lives in the community of their choice
  • contribute to better knowledge and understanding of needs and issues
  • work towards sector reform.

To recognise and value the role of community-managed services in supporting people’s mental health and wellbeing, we will:

  • attract, retain and appropriately remunerate a skilled workforce
  • promote the sector’s work with lived-experience advocates, consumers and carers and community members who benefit from the community-managed services available.

To be a dynamic peak body with robust governance, financial sustainability, active membership and engaged staff, we will:

  • support staff wellbeing and provide development opportunities that honour diversity and inclusion
  • be ethical, responsible and accountable.

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Reconciliation Action Plan 2022–24

We are proud to actively work towards reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Under this RAP, we aim to bring a First Nations perspective to our work, integrate de-colonisation into our daily activities, and make the organisation a better ally for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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