Update on the Recovery College – 21 Sept 2018

Dianna Smith Uncategorized

This is just follow on from our last blog post on the Recovery College Trial. We are steadily working on getting the Recovery College up and running. Over the last couple of weeks, we have continued:

  • discussions with Consortium members, although it has been difficult to get all of the members in a room at one time. A Memorandum of Understanding has been re drafted following comments and sent out to members again. An initial meeting with Allied Health in Mental Health, Justice Health and Alcohol & Drug Services went well and the recruitment of the ACT health liaison position will commence soon
  • talking to one member of the Consortium to scope out accommodation for the Recovery College team and initial venues for courses.
  • work on recruiting the Recovery College Manager and the Recovery College Education Manager. An Expression of Interest for the positions was sent out today 21 September 2018. Further information can be obtained by sending an email to the RecoveryCollege@mhccact.org.au
  • the work that Karen and the working group started on a Recovery College curriculum. We are gathering information on available courses and will present this list at a number of forums asking people for their input into formulating the course offerings for the first semester. These forums will be held at the ACT Mental Health Consumer Network, ACT Carers and through the ACT Consumer Carer Caucus. Further details to be sent out soon.

Work has commenced on:

  • an implementation plan
  • an interim information brochure for the College. This will be used until we have official branding for the recovery college – we have a student from CIT interested in doing a placement with us so are hopeful that they can help organising consultation on our branding and working on a communications strategy.

We have also wound up the Recovery College Design Steering Committee as we are working on the Governance Structure for the trial and are hopeful that this will be established in the near future. A letter thanking all the members of the Committee for their invaluable work on the design of the Recovery College was sent out last week

A number of people have already asked to be kept informed on our progress and to be involved in the trial and we thank you for your interest.  We will contact you as soon as we have more information on the governance structure and how you can assist in implementing this trial.  If you are interested in joining this list, please click here and fill out the form so you get the latest information.

More information on the ACT Recovery College and recovery colleges in general can be found here