Renew MHCC ACT Membership

You are renewing MHCC ACT membership as:

An individual or Government agency (Associate membership)

This category includes:

  • Consumers and carers
  • Individual employees within the mental health sector in the ACT
  • Other individuals with lived experience or interest in mental health issues
  • Government agencies involved with the delivery of mental health services
  • Professional bodies

A representative of a community organisation (Full membership):

Full membership is open to: non-Government community managed organisations with significant interest in improving the lives of people with mental health issues in the ACT through delivery of recovery, support and advocacy services

All prices are inclusive of GST.

Organisations, please choose the membership option that corresponds to your funding level, which is your total revenue including private or government grants, donations and fundraising proceeds.

For all enquiries, email or phone us on (02) 6249 7756

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