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Stakeholder engagement

We are committed to two-way, open communication that involves listening to our stakeholders, keeping them informed and being clear about how their contributions are being used.

Our stakeholders include service providers, consumers and carers, academics, and other peak bodies. But really, everyone in the ACT is a stakeholder, as we all benefit from a mentally healthier Territory. We value the voice of people with lived experience of mental health conditions as critical to enhancing our sector.

Information sharing

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Our biannual forums bring together the community-managed mental health sector to discuss and debate mental health policy and program issues. We encourage the attendance of members, employees and volunteers of member organisations, clinicians, researchers, people with lived experience and carers.

If you have feedback or a topic idea for an upcoming forum, please contact

Leadership meetings

These meetings give Executive Officers and Managers of community-managed mental health and other community organisations the opportunity to discuss sector developments and issues. They are a way that we can increase sector connections and share knowledge across the community organisation.

Leaders of all MHCC ACT member organisations are invited to attend these meetings. Other people will be invited to attend where appropriate.

Mental Health Month ACT

Mental Health Month is an annual event, celebrated in over 100 countries, to raise community awareness and understanding of mental health conditions, reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with mental health conditions, and promote positive mental health and wellbeing. 

The Mental Health Community Coalition ACT proudly coordinates Mental Health Month in the ACT each October.

We are responsible for planning a diverse calendar of events that bring the community together in support of people living with mental health conditions and their carers. These events include a variety of workshops, concerts, indoor and outdoor activities, and other activations.

Each year we celebrate local Community Wellbeing Heroes who contribute to the mental health of our Canberra community.

We also provide public resources both for those experiencing mental health concerns and their loved ones and workmates.

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