Strategic Plan

Our voice, our future


We are the voice for quality mental health services shaped by lived experience


Foster the capacity of ACT community managed mental health services to support people to live a meaningful and dignified life


Strong services. To support providers to deliver quality, sustainable, recovery-oriented services, we will:

  • Ensure lived experience is at the heart of service development and provision
  • Promote evidence-based innovation in service design and delivery
  • Foster strong partnerships between services
  • Advocate for viable, sustainable funding for community sector organisations

Influential. To represent our members and provide advice that is valued and respected, we will:

  • Proactively participate in agenda setting with evidence-based advocacy
  • Represent the views of our members and people with lived experience
  • Build and maintain our networks of influence
  • Promote the role of community sector providers in health care reform

Valued sector. To showcase the role of community managed services in supporting people’s recovery, we will:

  • Build understanding of the sector’s contribution to health and wellbeing
  • Strengthen collaboration between clinical and community services
  • Promote a whole of person approach to recovery
  • Encourage initiatives that support recovery in the community

Effective workplace. To ensure MHCC ACT is well governed, ethical and has good employment practices, we will:

  • Support a mentally healthy workplace that honours diversity
  • Recognise and develop the roles of staff and Board members
  • Model transparency and innovation in how we work
  • Encourage a culture of collaboration and inclusion

Download a copy of MHCC ACT’s Strategic Plan for 2017-2027 (PDF)’.